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NEW! Students at kieferart are now selected by interview to determine the lesson plan for the individual.

I primarily teach oil painting in my home studio (which is about 6 miles South of Ogilvie). I've found that students who have difficulty proportioning benefit greatly with a one-time drawing class prior to their painting studies. There are many options for the student, each of which can be geared toward the individual's current needs.

Each student, whether they are brand new to art or seasoned pros looking for a new path, kieferart can help. During the interview, I will assess their previous work (if any) and discuss a targeted lesson plan. I will recommend an appropriate number of sessions designed to meet their goals and discuss scheduling options. It is required that all students practice at home between sessions in order for each lesson to "soak in". In my experience, this is crucial so that they will be prepared to add to their knowledge base for the following session without having to review previous instruction. Normally, each session is 2 1/2 hours. In the case the student is unable to travel, I may conduct the sessions at their location. Students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the studio.

I will only be available for teaching during certain periods of the year when I have free time between meeting my own goals as an artist. Because of my limited time, I will select students based on how well they demonstrate a seriousness to learn during the interview.

MATERIALS: Students must provide their own brushes, canvases and paint. A list of specific materials will be given to you based on the individual lesson plan that is agreed to. All other materials, easels, chairs, tables, mediums, palette, etc,. will be provided in studio at no cost.
SESSIONS are usually scheduled Tuesdays or Thursdays, 9am - 11:30am.

Class one:

Student introductions. Discussion re: expectations, experience levels of students, punctuality, set up, clean up Discussion re: PREPARING YOUR CANVAS, gesso and ground (canvases will be prepared prior to this session) Discussion re: BEING PAINTERLY "drawing is not painting" --> hands on (students will begin to think and paint in shapes and planes as opposed to linear drawing   Discussion re: VALUE vs. HUE "if the value isn't right, color won't save you" --> examination of gradations of light in the still life -->hands on (students will learn "value" by painting an element of the still life using monochrome) Clean up

Next time:  color (hues)

Class two:

Set up. Discussion re: TOOLS, PAINT, MEDIUMS, VARNISH --> choice of brush, paint consistency (lean to fat), paint mixing, basic color wheel --> hands on (students will be asked to mix paint to match fabric swatches based on the principles of the color wheel) Art Students League method outline passed out (for later discussion/study in Classes four and five) Examining the subject with focus --> Discussion re: THE ARTIST DECIDES --> "stick with what you first liked about the image, let the rest fade" --> "the image belongs to YOU" (students will articulate their particular interests in the still life) Clean up

Next time:  starting the image

Class three:
Set up. Discussion re: ADJUSTING EASEL/CANVAS in relation to the subject and PROPORTIONING using "thumb/brush", negative space & angle techniques Discussion re: PLACING THE IMAGE ON THE CANVAS --> hands on (students will learn to place the general mass (silhouette) of the objects of the still life onto the canvas using shadow color) Discussion re: "fearing the blank canvas and other phobias", "nurture mistakes and confusion", "paint loosely with humor and abandon" Clean up

Next time:  painting the light

Class four:
Set up. Discussion re: (Art Students League method outline passed out in Class two - "This method vs. the Impressionists") FLAT SHADOWS and DIMENSIONAL LIGHT ("In life, you notice the light on an object, not its shadow") --> demonstration of how to use warm or cool colors to create dimension Discussion re: PAINTING THE LIGHT --> hands on (students will begin the process of pulling dimension out of shadow using layers of color and value) Clean up

Next time:  creating dimension

Class five:
Set up. Discussion re: CREATING DIMENSION --> techniques using the contrast of "cool" and "warm" colors to give the illusion of edges rounding and receding --> hands on (students will continue to paint on their previous work, using value and color to create dimension, culminating in highlights) Discussion re: HOLISTIC PAINTING "while painting each element or detail of your subject, keep the entirety of the image on your canvas in peripheral view" Discussion re: WHAT'S AN ARTIST ANYWAY? (students will get an earful about how to not compare themselves to the masters or even other students) "if you create from your heart, mind and life experience, you ARE an artist", "competition and other distractions"
SUMMATION: Students will have an opportunity to digest their experience in these beginner sessions, e.g., "light bulb" moments, strengths/weaknesses, confusions, inspirations, etc. Students will be provided with a prospectus/application for intermediate-level sessions. Discussion re: discounts for referrals, supply sources, etc. Clean up


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