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Please read the following carefully.
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Wherever "PORTRAIT" is specified, it refers to a fully-developed painting.
"OIL SKETCH" is described


Select at least two photos of each of your subjects (<1MB per pic, jpeg format).  The pix do not have to be "studio quality", although having one professional photo of the subject sometimes helps for referencing features and coloring.  The best paintings result from non-posed, candid shots you took with your point-and-shoot.  Those are usually the most expressive and typical of your subject's personality.  The reason I ask for at least two different views of your subject is that sometimes details are blurry.  For instance, there could be a shadow on a person's face which may or may not indicate a contour on the cheek.  A second or third look at the subject could verify that for me.  Also, try to send me at least one pic of your subject that is not lit with a flash (which tends to "flatten" the subject).  Once you have chosen your pix, upload them on the COMMISSION FORM along with any requests, comments or questions.  (You can upload as many as 6 photos at a time on that form.)  Later, if you choose to upload additional photos, you can use the COMMISSION FORM for that as well.


Once you have uploaded your photos, our consultations will take place on the secure KieferArt MESSAGEBOARD (you will be assigned a user name and password). There, I'll post my assessment of image options and a price estimate based on the information you've provided.  This will be our opportunity to engage in important back and forth discussions regarding the details of the painting you envision.  Take your time with it and ask any questions you may have.  You may want me to include a familiar object into the painting (e.g., gardening gloves, baseball mitt, etc.) that you know is of interest to the subject.  Those objects can sometimes help define the subject's personality in the painting even further.

FOR PORTRAITS ONLY:  During the consultation phase, it is common for me to post a pencil sketch or two to help you visualize how these elements will all fit together on the canvas.

Once you've mulled over the details and all of your questions have been answered, the next step will be for you to post your decision on the MESSAGEBOARD as to whether or not you wish to proceed with the commission.


After you post your decision to commission the painting, I'll email you a link to the finalized COMMITMENT FORM (which will reiterate the particulars of the project, total price, scheduling and other details as per our discussions).  Carefully read the document. If after reading through the form you have changes or additions you'd like include click the "CHANGE" button (which will allow you to email me those changes). If you accept the content of the document and want to proceed with the commission, fill out the form and click the "I AGREE" (which will direct you to your payment information.)  Clicking the I AGREE button will confirm our mutual commitment to the project after which I will schedule a block of time to devote to your painting per the scheduled agreed upon.

FOR PORTRAITS:  A 50% downpayment will be required at that time.

FOR OIL SKETCHES:  Full payment is required upon acceptance of the project.

Your payment will be made through PayPal.  They will send online confirmation to you directly and will notify me that the transaction has been processed.  I will then begin work based on our agreed schedule.


FOR PORTRAITS ONLY:  I will post a photo of the work in progress for your approval on the MESSAGEBOARD.  At that point, you can request minor changes. I will make every effort to incorporate those into the image, then I will complete the painting (no other changes can be made subsequent to that).  After about a week of drying, I will varnish the work.  If you have indicated that you want a custom frame for the piece, I will then construct, paint, varnish and attach the frame to your painting.  At that point, I will post a message on the MESSAGEBOARD that your painting has been completed and include a photo of the finished work. I will then email a link for you to make your final payment.  Once I have received confirmation from PayPal that your payment has been processed, I will prepare the work for shipping and FedEx it to you.

FOR OIL SKETCHES:  Your oil sketch will be painted, varnished, packed and mailed FedEx.

Applying the varnish shortly after completion of the painting allows the paint and varnish to cure at the same rate, enabling you to receive the completed painting sooner.  Be aware, however, that the paint and varnish will not be fully cured for 6 months and should be handled with care until then.

It is very important to me that your painting arrive safely.  It will be packed with sturdy materials and insured for its total value, including shipping costs.  In my twenty-plus years of creating custom work, shipment damage has never been reported, but if such an incident took place, I would do everything within reason to try to make things right.

When you receive your package, carefully inspect the box for any dents, holes, scrapes or tears (which could indicate a bigger problem with the contents).  If you discover that the painting and/or frame has been damaged during shipment, you must report it immediately to me and to FedEx.  A decision would be made then as to whether (1) repairs could be made, (2) a new painting could be done or (3) a refund would be preferred.

The convenience and ease of ordering commissions online (for both you and me) trump the remote chance of a shipment issue.  FedEx has a stellar reputation in that regard and that's why I trust them to handle my original artwork.  Commission online with confidence!
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