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I make these frames for my own paintings which are entered in judged fine art competitions routinely. Since these frames are hand made, they may lack the machine accuracy of commercial frames, but are quite nice and hand painted to custom match colors in the painting (see below). I provide this service mainly for clients who may be unaware of the cost of retail framing. Their painting may find its home in a closet indefinitely, waiting for just the right frame to magically appear at a garage sale. To be honest, it isn't good for business if my work is not seen, so I offer this low-cost service for their benefit as well as mine. Others who plan to have their custom painting professionally framed can display it right out of the box, complete with an "interim" KieferArt frame, awaiting the fabrication of the permanent one. The price of a custom KieferArt frame is $10 per linear ft.

NOTE:  My custom frame service only applies to full portrait commissions, not oil sketch orders.
Essentially, KieferArt frames become part of the painting, continuing the image to its finished edge. The dominent colors in this painting are picked up in the frame (this exact orange hue would be difficult to find off the rack). Commercial framers generally pick three dominent colors in a piece of artwork then do their best to match those to whatever they may have in stock. If in doubt, they will suggest black, white or metalic. Ornate frame profiles may be beautiful, but can easily overwhelm the content of the artwork.
The frame stock is a locally-milled modest-profile poplar (1 1/4"D x 3/4"W). I receive it in lightly-sanded 7' lengths, so your frame can be cut to any dimension, even within fractions of an inch. Each frame is cut, glued, secured with brads, sanded, primed and then sanded again. The frame is then treated with two base coats of artist's acrylic paint, which I mix to match a specific color in the artwork. Certain "faux" painting treatments can be applied which can add dimension to the frame and further complement the image of the painting. Sometimes a client will want the frame to match wall color or drapes in a particular room where the painting will be hung. The color possibilites are endless.
The treatment of this frame picks up 3 colors in the painting. Base coats pick up the middle value color of the outer bands of the painting. A darker color in the painting is picked up and applied to the front contoured edge and also to the inner depth plane of the frame. Finally, the front plane of the frame is "scumbled" with yet other colors found in the painting. Again, the frame becomes part of the painting, presenting a more cohesive image.
Once the frame is painted, 3 thin layers of a quality commercial semi-gloss wood varnish is applied. The frame is then attached to the painting, a kraft paper dust protector is fastened to the back of the frame as well as the hanging hardware. Frame bumpers are adhered to the back bottom corners to prevent scuffing of your walls.
Quality hanger hardware and high-test braided wire are securely screwed to the back of the frame over the kraft paper dust cover. The frame bumpers protect your wall from being scuffed and also shim out the bottom of the painting so that it hangs more vertically on the wall.


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