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Once we have discussed the particulars of your proposed project via CONTACT ME, I will enter the information onto this document, indicate the project price, then post it on my website (your private account page) for you to complete.  After reading the document carefully, I ask that you fill in the items marked with a blue plus sign +, then click on one of the acceptance buttons at the bottom of the page.  It is important to me that you respond to this, whether you are accepting the agreement or not.   I normally need a fair amount of lead time to schedule portrait projects, so it would be very helpful if I knew of your decision to accept or not accept the proposed project.  Of course, if you wish to make any changes to the options listed here, we can discuss the particulars and draw up a new agreement reflecting those changes.   Nothing is etched in stone until you click the "I AGREE" button.  At that point, the particulars of the project should be finalized.  Short of that, rethinking the options can sometimes be helpful in bringing the project price into a range that is more suitable for you while still resulting in a very nice painting.  Feel free to send me any comments or questions. I'll do my best to provide a prompt reply.

Thank you!

+    DATE:     

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(This document is written in the first person by the artist, Karen Kiefer. The words "you" and "your" refer to the client as indicated above.)

I will make every effort to create an accurate likeness of your subject(s). However, please keep in mind that the final image is not intended to be "photographically accurate". Your portrait will reflect my artistic "interpretation" of the subject(s), based on the information provided by you. My efforts will be geared toward achieving both a physical likeness and a representation of the "spirit" of the personality (please refer to the WHY BOTHER? page for details regarding that).

It is important that you make every attempt to provide me with scans of at least two different photos (per subject) to help prevent mistaken shadows, shapes, skin tones, hair color, eye color, etc. In our discussions, I may request quite a bit of information regarding the subject(s) which may not be apparent in your photos, e.g., eye color, hair color, the subject's interests, etc. This will be of great value in creating a comprehensive artistic image for you.

It is required that a downpayment of 50% of the agreed total project price (as indicated on this form) be paid upon acceptance of this document. Your acceptance will not be considered official until you click the "I AGREE" button on this page, which formalizes our mutual investment in the project. (Clicking either of the darker grey buttons does NOT obligate you to commission a portrait.) Once I have received your acceptance and your downpayment, I will schedule a substantial block of time to devote to your portrait. The downpayment will not be refundable, except on the rare occasion that I would be unable to complete the painting by the due date. In that case, at your discretion, you may either request a total refund of the downpayment (which will be provided within one week following the stated due date as indicated below) or we may draft a new agreement which would reflect a revised due date.

If you have chosen the option to preview your portrait painting in progress, I will post a scan of a photo of the work, early in the painting process, on this website (viewable on your private account page). Minor placement/detail adjustments may be made to the painting at that point. Afterward, I may be persuaded to post another scan or two of the painting over the course of the work, but additional change requests will not be accepted.

The balance owed must be paid in full upon your receipt of the painting, even if the painting is completed ahead of schedule (which is often times the case).

Your painting will be insured and guaranteed for the duration of its transport to you. After it is in your possession, I can no longer guarantee the condition of the portrait and/or frame. However, once the painting is varnished, (see "Important Note" on the COMMISSION INFO page of the website) your painting should last through the generations with reasonable care.

I reserve the right to decline a commission if (1)  the scanned photographs provided by you are known to be copyrighted and used without consent, (2)  the scanned photographs provided by you depict obscenity, violence, hate based on race, gender, heritage, age, sexual orientation or religion or any other such image I believe to be in poor taste or (3)  my work schedule is too full to accommodate your requested due date.

With your consent, the image of your finished portrait may be used on this website or in association with other types of promotion for my business. Under no circumstances will your name, the name(s) of the subject(s) or any other personally identifying information be used without your express permission. Please select one of the two options below:

+                 You grant permission to release the portrait image for promotional purposes:    Permission granted   
   You do not consent to release the portrait image:    Permission declined


(I will fill in this section based on the information we exchanged in earlier discussions.)

Name of subject(s), relationship(s) to the you and other particulars regarding the subject(s):

This purchase will be in the form of a gift certificate. Yes        No    
You request me to custom build and treat the frame for this painting. Yes        No    
Frame color requested by you (if any).  
You wish to preview a scan of the work in progress. Yes        No    
Total number of different scans provided by you:  
Your requested Completion date:  
Canvas size:  
Canvas fabric:  

Special instructions:  (e.g. specific background or other details to be included):


(I will fill in this section, too.)

             PROJECT PRICE: $             USD
PLUS 6.5% MINNESOTA SALES TAX:                                
(If you reside in Minnesota)                                         


50% DOWNPAYMENT:    $           USD           DATE PAID:               

BALANCE DUE:              $           USD           DATE PAID:               

Please note that by clicking the "I AGREE" button below, you are accepting the terms of the CUSTOM PORTRAIT AGREEMENT in its entirety, including all custom particulars as indicated on this document.   If you accept this commission, you understand that work on the portrait will not begin nor will it be scheduled until I have received notification by PayPal that your downpayment has been processed (as indicated above).


  If you have chosen to purchase a gift certificate , I will assign a 6-digit code for the project. This code and your name will be printed on the gift certificate and mailed to the recipient (per your "Shipping Address" information above). The recipient may then redeem it by typing the code and other pertinent information into the CONTACT ME form on my website.

(6-digit code)

When I receive confirmation from PayPal that your final payment has been processed (as indicated above), I will sign a physical copy of this completed document as your receipt and mail it to your address. This signed document will also serve as an acknowledgment that, by paying the balance owed on your account, you have received the portrait and that it arrived undamaged.

ARTIST'S SIGNATURE:  _________________________________                   DATE: _____________
                                                                                     (indicating receipt of final payment)

I look forward to working with you on this project. Thank you!



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