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Complexity and artistic value are key to how I price my work. Size has less to do with it, but normally if a painting is larger than most, it contains more elements and is, therefore, more complex. A painting's artistic value increases if it has received a significant award. Another criterion for pricing my work is its value to me. Certain subjects can be rare or difficult to obtain.

In general, my paintings are priced relative to each other (for CUSTOM PORTRAIT prices, click
here.) The base price for my originals is around $500 (which goes up or down depending on the criteria above). That figure is very low compared to other artists' work with comparable experience, knowledge and skill level, but I like the idea that my work will hang on the walls of people who are not necessarily wealthy. Any given reputable gallery in the Twin Cities would price my work well above what I list on my website. That is partly due to the fact that galleries charge the artist a commission fee (anywhere from 30 - 60% of the sales price) and, in some cases, charge an additional monthly space fee (or "wall fee"). The artist is then forced to increase their base price in order to recover those costs, but take the chance of losing potential customers who may feel the work is overpriced. I have no overhead, gallery commissions or wall fees. There is no middleman. When I sell my work online or in person, my prices are strictly value based.


KieferArt has recently partnered with Fine Art America, a reputable online company which provides professional and affordable giclee prints to artists and art lovers. Artists from all over the world trust FAA to provide the highest quality representation of their artwork. There are many size and substrate options from which to choose: prints on various archival papers, canvas, acrylic front, raised "gallery" substrates and even greeting card stock. Framing and matting are also available. All prints carry a 100% guarantee and most ship within a few days.

TO ORDER PRINTS: Choose your painting, click the "PURCHASE INFO" link (found below the painting's title) then purchase your print by contacting me directly (for the time being). In the near future, once I have had time to upload high-rez photos of all of my paintings to FAA, there will be a link on this page that will take you (and your painting of choice) to the FAA site.  There you will find all of your printing options for that piece.  Your purchase transaction and shipping will be handled by FAA.  They accept all major credit cards.

Developing and uploading these extremely high-rez images of 50+ paintings to FAA will take some time.  Ultimately, I hope to offer you clear prints up to the actual size of each painting.  In the meantime, when you contact me for a print of any particular painting, I will make it a point to prepare your painting's photo for upload ahead of all the others.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you.     BACK TO FINE ART GALLERY

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